It’s all about helping you get a huge boost in any writing project you wish to complete. There are two sites: GetWordbotic.com and WordBoticAndBeyond.com.

Get WordBotic

The ‘Get WordBotic’ website (http://getwordbotic.com) is dedicated to providing you with news, upcoming events, and more related to WordBotic, a product developed by Lina Trivedi. It is also one of her most popular products that was first released back in August of 2014. WordBotic was designed to help aspiring writers to get a great head start in their writing projects. In addition to receiving WordBotic-related news, this site will provide information on even the latest production of other products developed by Lina Trivedi. And with that, focus would be on writing-related products that she designed to help aspiring writers with their writing projects, like WordBotic.

What to Expect

  • The latest news, upcoming events, and more related to WordBotic and its development.
  • Information about Lina Trivedi’s other writing and publishing products.
  • News about the online store and any upcoming events for her other products.

WordBotic and Beyond

The ‘WordBotic and Beyond’ website (http://wordboticandbeyond.com) is the e-commerce division of Get WordBotic that brings Lina Trivedi’s many products into an online storefront. This store owned and operated by someone who used to be a strong supporter of Lina Trivedi (Update: see the official October 2017 ban of Lina Trivedi’s product line >>). Instead of the previous method of having to buy one item per transaction, the WordBotic and Beyond online store will offer consumers the ability to purchase multiple products at one time and pay for them all in a single transaction. This makes for a more pleasant online shopping experience for you!

What to Expect

  • A one-stop-shop for buying products developed by Lina Trivedi versus multiple individual sites.
  • An online store with a shopping cart to buy multiple products in a single transaction.
  • Enjoy an easy and friendly online shopping experience.
  • Get access to deals and more specials.