Controversy Cookbook


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Created By: Lina T.

Learn how to break down controversy into a formula that allows you to approach any topic and create a controversial piece of writing that can go viral. This formula works for fiction books, non-fiction content, blogs, or web content. It also, works for informational and educational products.



In ‘Controversy Cookbook’ is about incorporating elements of controversy into your writing style.


For more than ten years, Lina Trivedi has been a column writer in a national newspaper with circulation of over 250,000 readers. The readership is very broad with varying age groups and different political mindsets. Her column featured an honest opinion on various social topics and there were many weeks when she received not only glowing praise from readers, but also hate mail that caused her to think she might lose her job with the newspaper or that her editor would tell her to “tone it down”. After a meeting, she came to find out that they loved the controversy! It created a buz and attracted new readers. Controversy sells!


Lina has produced a pattern detailed in ‘Controversy Cookbook’ that would allow you and any writer to emulate her process to incorporate controversy into anything you do — on demand!


Inside of Controversy Cookbook

You will get her formula along with the following tools to help you succeed with controversial writing:

  • A plug-and-play worksheet that follows the formula she created to explore where controversy exists with any topic or story line.
  • Instructions on how to use this worksheet and apply controversy anywhere!
  • Tons of examples included in this product.

Great Benefits Using Controversy Cookbook

  • Your Fiction Stories and Kindle Books – Whether you write romance or short stories about crime and politics, controversy can make your stories more interesting.
  • Your Non-Fiction books – Non-fiction topics written in an editorial fashion are more interesting when you consciously write around the controversy of that topic.
  • Your Informational Products – Even informational and educational products can skirt around controversy to make them more interesting and appealing.
  • Your Blog Posts – Blog posts go viral when they are written controversially and in an interesting manner.

100% Newbie-Friendly & Perfect For

  • Fiction Books
  • Non-Fiction Books
  • Blogs and Articles
  • Web Site Content



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