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Created By: Lina T.

Learn how to produce an easy book with an instant market? No more writing books that no one wants to read. Write easy books that people are thirsty to read. Learn how to structure and organize the book with ease. Receive image sources and promotional ideas.



Easy Kindle Formula is for writers interested in producing an easy book with an instant market. So if you are tired of writing books that nobody is interested in reading and want to know the genre that will allow you to write easy books that people are thirsty to read, then this is the product for you.


Lina Trivedi has put this together in such a way that as soon as she reveals the hot genre to you, ideas will immediately begin to flow. Instantly, it will make sense! There is so much room for everyone in this genre that you should have no worry about saturation from other writers.


Inside of Easy Kindle Formula

You’ll receive her tip along with the following:

  • The Structure of the Book – A sketch of the book should be structured to help you organize your ideas into a set structure that can be easily produced.
  • Image Sources – Locate images for this genre can be tricky. But with ‘Easy Kindle Formula’ learn how to get images easily that you can use legally.
  • Promotional Ideas – There is a no-brainer promotional method that you must do with books in this genre. Lina will make sure you are on the right path with promoting books that are within this genre.

Works with Any Writing Style

The specific genre Lina speaks of in ‘Easy Kindle Formula’ does not involve children’s books, recipe books, trivia books, picture books, graphic novels, or fun facts types of books. Instead, it compliments a wide variety of books and it is “fit” for any writing style:

  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Silly Topics
  • Serious Topics
  • Long Books
  • Short Books

Remember You Get

  • A formula that you can instantly apply.
  • Awesome sources for images specific to this hot genre.
  • Strategy for selling books in this specific genre.



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