Ghostwriting Blueprint to $2000/Month


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In this book, Lina shares her exact blueprint to how she earned $2000 per month working part time as a ghost writer. She shares her exact sources for work, as well as her step-by-step process of how she acquired work and negotiated her rates. What makes this book different from others is that copies of her correspondence with her various clients have been re-printed in this book to educate readers on how they should communicate with their clients in order to maximize their earning potential.

Every writer and freelancer should have a blueprint to serve as a safety net in ensuring that they are able to cover their life-overhead, and in this process Lina shares her blueprint so that other writers can devise one that fits their lifestyle and life objectives.


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E-Book Delivered Online


Blue Lotus Publishing, Inc.; 1st Edition edition (July 29, 2012)

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July 29, 2012




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