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Created By: Lina Trivedi and Rob Howard

It is difficult at times to get a good story written. It's a skill most people do not have. In Kindle Klinic learn to write better and profitable fiction stories with Amazon's Kindle platform. Rob Howard and Lina Trivedi will show you how using the 'over-the-shoulder' technique.



The ‘Kindle Klinic’ is your source for fiction writing clinics if you find yourself struggling in your efforts to write fiction.


Many people want to write a book, but they don’t have time to study literature and creative writing techniques or practice writing daily. However, it is true that Kindle fiction makes tons of money on Amazon’s Kindle platform.


Rob Howard and Lina Trivedi let you know in ‘Kindle Klinic’ that none of these issues are your fault. They provide a solution for you that will help to bring your writing back to life! Watch over-the-shoulder of Rob and Lina as they show you how to develop great Kindle fiction books without outsourcing.


Inside of Kindle Klinic


  How to write great dialog beyond “he said” “she said”.
  How to design emotionally engaging support characters.
  How to come up with an awesome plot.
  How to utilize time management to create books faster.
  Tools and over 4 hours of content, video examples, tons of great tips, and other examples from which to learn.


Kindle Klinic will help you if you’re struggling to write dialog or set a scene. It also allows you to create characters that are convincing and emotionally engaging. If you are needing a good plot and do not know how to create one, Rob and Lina will show you how to design one, while utilizing powerful foreshadowing that many readers will enjoy. All of this means that you will now be able to say good-bye to bland, simple or non-engaging writing!


Your Benefits Using Kindle Klinic

  • Make more money by having better stories.
  • Create repeat buyers by pulling them into your writing.
  • Never struggle again to write out that story that has been in your head.


Additional information

FAQs #1

Q: How many videos are in this offer?
A: There are 8 short writing clinic videos that total about 2 hours, as well as 2 bonus longer ones which are from a Webinar where we developed an entire plot for a story – the 2 bonus webinars total over 2 hours in length as well.

FAQs #2

Q: Is there a One-Time-Offer?
A: Yes, the one time offer is an analysis of a short story that was written in practice of the clinics. This also comes with the outline that was created before the story was written so you can see the story as the bullet points that were made before the story was written. You also get the actual short story itself, and the link to the Kindle listing. The accompanying videos to this package is roughly 40 minutes in length.

FAQs #3

Q: How much is the OTO?
A: The OTO starts at $17.

FAQs #4

Q: Is there any training beyond the clinics?
A: Yes, there is a Webinar that is scheduled where you can ask any questions that relate to practicing the pieces of the clinic in your own writing projects.

FAQs #5

Q: Is there an outline generator with this product?
A: No.


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