Kindle Weekend: Write Your First Book This Weekend!


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The Kindle Weekend formula walks anyone through writing and publishing their Kindle book from beginning to end. This formula is specifically produced to create books that are proven to sell and appeal to the marketplace. Whether you are a seasoned writer or a struggling aspiring author, you will find Kindle Weekend help you:

  1. Select and narrow down your topic appropriately
  2. Create beautiful covers
  3. How to time your writing to make sure you are working efficiently
  4. How to format your work
  5. Editing your work

Thank you for considering Kindle Weekend – many authors have credited this formula as being the process that brought their first book to Kindle – now you can too!


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E-Book Delivered Online


Blue Lotus Publishing, Inc.; 1st Edition edition (June 7, 2012)

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June 7, 2012




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