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Developed By: Lina T.

Memoire Master is web-based software that allows you to write and organize memoirs. All of us have some memoirs in us. The more life experiences you have, the more anecdotes you can write about whether with marriage, divorce, telemarketing, or other some other experience. Everyone is experienced in something.

Writing memoirs with this tool will help you write with a framework and plan to completion. To enhance your productivity with Memoire Master, you will also receive the following two add-on components, at no extra cost:

  • Memoire Master's Writing Tool – Will help you write your content paragraph by paragraph so that you can produce your content without fearing Writer’s Block.
  • Memoire Master's Formatting Tool – Takes everything you wrote and guides you through packaging it into a Kindle book.


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Memoire Master Banned [?]

Memoire Master is a web-based tool that allows you to organize memoirs. All of us have some memoirs in us; some of us have lots of memoirs. The more life experience you have, the more anecdotes you can write about. Maybe you have a lot of experience with marriage, or maybe you are really experienced with divorce! Or maybe you are the Speed Racer of Telemarketing.


Everyone is experienced in something and I know from experience that writing memoirs without a framework or plan can have you writing forever. This is a conversation I had with some of my staff and as a result, Memoire Master was born.


Inside of Memoire Master


  User-friendly fill-in-the-blank process.
  Get detailed notes to guide your memoir.
  Organize your content and ideas in one place.
  Save your memoirs in Word format.
  Ability to print your memoirs.

WordBotic and Beyond - Memoire Master - Live Example on Amazon

Real Life Example on Amazon

Just a few weeks ago, Lina spent some time helping one of her staff members write his first book using Memoire Master. It was a fulfilling process and by the end, he had published his first book! Click here to see his book on Amazon.

WordBotic and Beyond - Memoire Master - Live Example on Amazon

Real Life Reviews on Amazon

The amazing thing is that the whole process only took a few hours. Not only did this book accurately reflect his experiences, but it did in such a way that people really enjoyed reading about it.


Just take a look at some of the reviews on Amazon that he got from our effort.


You can produce similar results with your set of personal experiences that you feel may impact others. Maybe you have climbed mountains; so write about it. Maybe you have hit rock bottom and climbed your way up, or even know how to keep a marriage together. Write about it.


Whatever your personal experience might be, you can make a difference in people’s lives by sharing your personal experiences for others to learn from. And you can easily make it happen with Memoire Master.

Memoire Master Works Great to Chronicle

  Your Personal Life Experiences – Accomplishments you have made or hobbies you have mastered.

  Your Professional Experiences – How you have navigated through your career to achieve your successes.

  Your Spiritual Experiences – How you have achieved peace and harmony in your life through your higher power.


Memoire Master is like a personal interview to your life. Write your memoir today!


Memoire Master is a web-based product accessible by web browser only. This gives you the flexibility to use it anywhere with Internet access.

  • Mac-friendly
  • PC-friendly


Additional information

FAQs #1

Q: Does Memoire Master work only for memoirs?
A: Ideally, yes, it was designed to be used for anything where you are detailing experiences and anecdotes from one or more perspectives. You can be creative from that point! However, like the other software made, there are creative applications for it if you want to think outside of the box.

FAQs #2

Q: Does Memoire Master work for non-fiction or fiction?
A: It can work for both. For example, Memoirs of a Geisha is a fiction book, though it is inspired by some true events. You are only limited by your imagination.

FAQs #3

Q: I have Outline Master, Mindmap Master and Choice Master, what is the difference between Memoire Master and what I have?

A: Outline Master produces outlines that are designed to guide writing on non-fiction topics. Mindmap Master produces mindmaps that are designed to guide writing on fiction topics. Choice Master produces content that allows readers to choose their path in terms of how the story goes (or project if you are writing non-fiction). Memoire Master is designed to produce memoirs. All are writing suites that are designed to make the writing process easier.

FAQs #4

Q: Do I get free updates to the software?
A: Absolutely. Software is constantly updated and made better, and new features are often added based off requests from our users. This is automatically added into your key at no charge.

FAQs #5

Q: How do I know what updates are made to the software?
A: In the software, there is a detailed changelog of all the updates made. Sometimes there are videos or images so that you are clear on what the updates are.

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  1. Rated 1 out of 5


    After buying this through WPlus, I tried to get support for 6 weeks but received no response. Finally gave up and tried to get my money back. I will not do business from a company that treats customers that way. Very disappointed.

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