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Developed By: Lina T.

Outline Master is web-based software for anyone needing to create outlines on the fly for Kindle and CreateSpace books, or other ebooks, and even for website content. At this price you will also receive the following two add-on components, at no extra cost, to enhance your productivity:

  • Outline Master's Guided Writing Tool – Coordinates with the outlines to transform them into full content.
  • Outline Master's Kindle Formatting Tool – Formats your content so that you can upload it right into Kindle with ease.


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Outline Master Banned [?]

Outline Master is a web-based tool that lets you create outlines by pointing and clicking your way to easy original content step-by-step from A to Z. And at this price, you’ll also get two of Outline Master’s awesome add-ons (shown below) that will help you transform your outlines into full content and automatically compile it into Kindle-ready files for you.


Outlines are important because they keep your content focused, flowing, balanced and complete. Writing without an outline is like driving without a map. Now as fast as it takes to put an address into a GPS device, you can create an outline for any topic of your choice in just a few minutes with this tool.


Inside of Outline Master


  Choose or add points you want.
  Adjust the order of the points.
  Save your outlines.
  Edit in your favorite word processor.
  Use included Guided Writing Tool (see below).
  Use included Kindle Formatting Tool (see below).



Included: The Guided Writing Tool

Now that you can make an outline every three minutes, watch how this writing tool will transform outlines into full content. You can now write books faster and stop suffering from writer’s block again.


Use the Guided Writing Tool Anywhere

It is important for writers to have a myriad of tools to help them write in a variety of different ways and under a variety of different circumstances. You can also use this tool to write ‘on-the-go’. Watch the quick video of how Lina personally uses this tool to write during her ‘downtime’ — something even you can do.



Included: The Kindle Formatting Tool

Now that you can write content faster than a speeding bullet, watch how this formatting tool will transform your content into Kindle-ready files:


  Save Time – The ‘Formatting Tool’ allows you to save time by instantly formatting content from the ‘Writing Tool’ or any other content.


  Included Sections – Get a legal page, table of contents, introduction, and conclusion page.


  Images Instantly Formatted – Simply select the images you want in each section/chapter and they will be automatically sized, formatted and aligned to display beautifully on any Kindle device. No more wacky image alignments. Just simply point and click. Easy as pie!


  Kindle-Ready Zip File – Once you’re done, the software will automatically compile a zip file for you to immediately download and upload straight into Kindle effortlessly.


Your Benefits Using Outline Master

  • Have a systematic approach to writing using outlines.
  • Have a clear and concise process laid out for you in three simple steps.
  • Know exactly where to start and where to end with not just one book, but multiple books.


Outline Master is a web-based product accessible by web browser only. This gives you the flexibility to use it anywhere with Internet access.

  • Mac-friendly
  • PC-friendly


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