WordBotic Beta v0.75


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Developed By: Lina T.

WordBotic Beta v0.75 is a patent-pending and web-based tool that allows you to easily produce 500,000 words to be used in combination with your writing project in just a short amount of time, and all based on 57 easy questions you answer.

Are you struggling with producing content (whether it be an book, website content, or content for your client's sites)? Would you like help in cutting your writing time by 75%? If yes, then WordBotic Beta v0.75 can definitely help kick-start your project into gear.

Let WordBotic Beta v0.75 give you a massive boost in your writing projects so that you can finally see your articles and books to completion.


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WordBotic Beta Banned [?]

WordBotic Beta v0.75 is a patent-pending and web-based tool that allows you to easily produce up to 500,000 words to be used in combination with your writing project in just a short amount of time, and all based on 57 questions you answer. If you’re struggling with producing content of any kind (e.g. book, content for a website, an eGuide, or content for your client’s sites), then WordBotic Beta v0.75 can definitely help kick-start your project into gear.


This tool has the ability to cut your writing time by 75% with ease, while also giving you the flexibility to make any edits to the generated-content to truly make it your own. Now it’s your turn to let WordBotic Beta v0.75 give you a massive boost in your writing projects so that you can finally see your articles and/or books to completion.


Inside of WordBotic Beta v0.75

  Create multiple projects.
  Save your projects for editing anytime.
  Get plenty of examples to help you along.
  Progress view on each screen.
  Refresh at the end for content/layout variations.
  Download and edit in your favorite word processor.


WordBotic and Beyond - WordBotic Beta v0.75

How Well Does it Read?

Feel free to click on the image to the left to get an enlarged view of how well the content produced with WordBotic reads.


Remember, at the end of each of your projects, you can easily refresh the page to get a different layout and variation of your content within seconds.


Not only that, but you’ll also see the option to instantly download your finished project and further edit to make it with your own flavor, in your favorite word processor. It’s all readily at your finger tips.


Absolutely no waiting and no extra charge.


Demo: WordBotic’s Boosting Power

WordBotic Beta v0.75 boosting power goes up to 500,000 words! And if you need more, then you can buy more word-boosting power at anytime.


You be the judge. Watch the video to see Lina write an e-book of no less than 5,000 words in under 90 minutes using the boosting power of WordBotic Beta v0.75.



WordBotic Beta v0.75 is a web-based product accessible by web browser only. This gives you the flexibility to use it anywhere with Internet access.

  • Mac-friendly
  • PC-friendly


Unlike other products developed by Lina Trivedi, WordBotic Beta v0.75 is available for purchase only certain times of the year. If this listing shows an ‘Out of Stock’ or ‘Unavailable’ button, then please click here to get on the waiting list so you can be notified when it becomes available for sale to the public again. The Mindmap Workbook and WordBotic Book introduction are sold separately for this offer.


Additional information

FAQs #1

Q: What does 'beta' mean? Is the software currently functional?
A: Everything you see described on this page is fully functional and operational. The term 'beta' only means that there are tweaks being done to the software. This includes but not limited to the content being further refined and new features being added as the software continues to evolve to have more capabilities than what was described here. But again, yes, WordBotic's features described on this page are functional and in working order.

FAQs #2

Q: In what language does WordBotic currently generate content?
A: English.

FAQs #3

Q: Do I have to buy anything else in the future to get full use of WordBotic?
A: No. However, in the future, there may be new modules added to the system that may have a nominal cost to use. Such modules will be entirely optional and only needed if you are interested in that style of writing.

FAQs #4

Q: I previously bought WordBotic, do I need to buy it again?
A: No, definitely not. Please see the prior question.

FAQs #5

Q: How much does the process really speed up writing?
A: The average person writes 500-800 words per hour when writing from scratch. With WordBotic, it is possible to create up to 10,000 words in less than 30 minutes. The editing process of reading and updating sections within the content (with your own flavor) usually takes about 20 minutes for every 1,000 words.

FAQs #6

Q: Does the WordBotic invention mean that I will never have to write ever again?
A: No. Look at it like this, there are cake mixes available at the store for making cakes faster. It does not mean a person will never bake from scratch again, though. People will still bake from scratch from time to time. No different here. WordBotic is a tool and it saves time, but as with cake mixes, sometimes you may just want to create from scratch instead of using the conveniences of this tool.

FAQs #7

Q: Can I write about really detailed topics with WordBotic?
A: Yes, in that WordBotic allows provides you with a base for your writing through which you would need to fill in details. For example, Lina wrote a very technical book where about half of the 7,000 words came from WordBotic and the other half she wrote from scratch. WordBotic helped to streamline the flow of the content. So filling in what was needed was very easy since the layout was already created by WordBotic.

FAQs #8

Q: Will this work for fiction?
A: Not, yet. However, some solutions for fiction are being worked on for the future of this software.

FAQs #9

Q: Can I use outsourcers to help me write my books with WordBotic?
A: Yes. When you create your WordBotic content, you can hire an outsourcer to edit your content and expect on average that they should be able to read and edit about 3,000 words per hour.

FAQs #10

Q: Can this be used for Kindle?
A: Yes. Just choose the length of your choice, edit it to your liking and add whatever details you want to add to incorporate any other personal knowledge you may have on your topic.

FAQs #11

Q: How many different topics can I write about?
A: There is no limit to how many topics you can write about. It's up to you and your imagination. As long as you pick a topic and can answer a series of questions, it will generate content for you.

FAQs #12

Q: What if I want to add more to my book?
A: You can. The software gives you a huge starting point. So after you've gone through the process, you can download the formatted document and proceed to edit until your heart's content.

FAQs #13

Q: How does the web-based software work and where does the content come from?
A: It is created through a specific technology system that is in the patenting phase called: SOCT or Swap Option Compiling Technology. In short, the web-based software takes the information you provide and combines it with over 2,500 variables added into the system that run through an algorithm, which in turn generate sentences using commonly used sentence structures in the English language. The software then analyzes the information and produces a compiled result based on the syntax of the English language and how typical "how-to" books and articles are structured.

FAQs #14

Q: Can this software replace humans?
A: No. The software is challenged in the area of heart and soul that comes through with a human touch. Ideally, a writer would use this web-based software to generate the content. Afterwards, one would read over it and add their own human touch to mold the content for dimension and perhaps some personal experiences.

FAQs #15

Q: Do I get free updates to the software? Are upgrades free, too?
A: Yes, to free software updates. And frequent updates are made. Just in the first week of the software's release, there were two updates made with features requested by people like you. However, things like upgrading your license from 5K to 100K would be considered an upgrade and not a software update.


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