Why Lina Trivedi’s Products are Banned | Consumer Protection Notice


Please share this page with those you know who were victimized by Lina Trivedi. And in it all, do not become a victim yourself. Click here on how to easily file complaints online with the local government where she and her business are located. Lina Trivedi has willingly betrayed your trust for money and continues to try to deceive you, but put a stop to it. See any other product that is bad? Please report it immediately.


November 1, 2017

Lina Trivedi has still not offered any sort of apology to the public for her deliberate deception and betrayal against you. If she is still sending out emails trying to get you to buy her bad products, please keep from being fooled by any sob story that she feeds you. There is always more to it than what she shares with you, always. Feeding you sob stories, if you have not noticed over the years, is part of her sales approach to getting your money for defective products she still refuses to fix and secure. We all go through things in life, but it does not and never will give her or anyone a legal right to scam people out of their money to get ahead. It’s actually illegal to do that, what is commonly known as fraud. Lina Trivedi puts a very dishonest spin on her trials and tribulations to get your money for products she refuses to fix and secure to this very day. Her many victims are the ones going through having to piece their lives back together because she scammed them out of their money. Refrain from buying any of her products until she makes a public apology for her willful deception, betrayal, and failure to fix the many errors in her products including the lack of security surrounding them. If she sends you an email asking you for more money (by buying her bad products), reply and tell her to stop begging you for money and to fix and secure her products as she was told many times to do by many people, including me. I even offered to help multiple times, and she declined every single time. If you knew the details of her sob stories (the details she does not share), you’d be disgusted at her attempts to fool you. I know Lina Trivedi like the back of my hand. Some people have unsubscribed from her lists as a result of her illegal behavior, and good for them. She has been referred to as devious, toxic, criminal and other things because she is — just do your research on her. I’ve learned that she has even scammed a woman who is blind and this woman posted her complaint on Facebook reaching out for help of what Lina Trivedi did to her. But Lina Trivedi wants you to feel sorry for what’s going on in her life and not how she’s screwed up the lives of her victims. People who scam others care only about themselves and money. It’s all about personal gain, and not about giving you quality, functional and secure products. She has proven that repeatedly, and that behavior will not be tolerated. I, basically, told her that if she’s not going to make it right with everyone, then I will warn people about her. And unfortunately, the fact is, she did not care to make it right with you all. If she did, she would have sent out a public notice to inform everyone of an apology and that everyone would be getting refunds immediately for her willfully selling you defective products without your knowledge. But instead she is still emailing people trying to get money out of you for her products. Her priorities are messed up. This entire notice on this page is to help her victims and if you’re not one, then good. Refrain from being another one of her victims. Spread the word. Thank you.


October 29, 2017

Lina Trivedi has still not given a public apology for her deception and defective products, but also has not offered proof that her products are error-free and secured. The WB&B marketplace will keep the ban against her products in place for consumer protection. Click here on how to easily file complaints online with the local government where she and her business are located.


October 26, 2017

WB&B Marketplace immediately stopped the sale of all Master Suite Software with its add-ons (developed by Lina Trivedi); this also includes all products she has put together. WB&B demands a public apology from Lina Trivedi for her deception, and failure to fix many issues across her products (especially her web-based software) while she deliberately continued to sell broken and unsecured products to unaware buyers on multiple sites on the Internet. Until she makes a public apology on her business’s site (bluelotusprod.com or biggerbetterbooks.com where most of her sales pages are), and also presents one to WB&B to publish for you all, along with a public notice stating all of her products are fixed, error-free and secured, then it is safe to say that in the meantime they are all still broken and left unsecured. It is advised to refrain from becoming another one of her victims.

Lawsuits Against Lina Trivedi in Wisconsin

Research into her background from her county’s public records (available online at https://wcca.wicourts.gov/) reflects she has constant financial issues of several thousands of dollars some lawsuits against her even this year, which might explain why many people complaining on social media about not getting their refund for months and years have not gotten their money back from their orders made through her sales on biggerbetterbooks.com that point to a different marketplace that she predominately sells at.

PayPal Can Help You Get a Refund

Some people have come here to complain thinking WB&B can help, but this marketplace does not and never has accepted PayPal payments. However, if you are one of those people trying to get a refund, please contact PayPal immediately at 1-888-221-1161 to put in a dispute and request it be escalated. You can let them know that she sold you a defective product and won’t fix it, so you want your money back or whatever other reason you’re requesting a refund. Just be honest, please. Get your bank involved as well to help you, and have your receipt with you (PayPal can pull up your order with other information if you lost your PayPal receipt). Will contacting PayPal work? It can. Recently, I put in multiple disputes at the same time for several thousands of dollars (the grand total exceeded over seven thousand dollars) against Lina Trivedi’s company and I won every last one of them easy in less than 12 days; she didn’t even bother to respond to PayPal’s attempts to reach her because she knew she was in the wrong. PayPal did limit her access to her accounts (at least two of them; she uses more than two), which caused her to change the sales payment for all of her sales pages to Stripe. If you’ve got everything you need, be honest, and cooperate (don’t call PayPal yelling at them, but you can express disappoint with their merchant (Lina Trivedi in this case)), you should have no issues getting a refund either.

If you paid for her latest email scheme to get you to travel to Chicago, Illinois around November 11, 2017 to pay $97 for the very same old broken products she refuses to fix and secure (but she wants you to spend hundreds of dollars on a hotel, car rental and airfare to go to Chicago to get), then you likely want to call PayPal to get your money back until she proves to you that the old products are 100% fixed and secured now and not later. It is known that Lina Trivedi is so far behind in work and even behind in paying her own staff, that there is no way she’ll have all of her broken products fixed by November 11, 2017.

Lina Trivedi’s Priorities are Not in Order

Instead of her focusing on fixing these old issues, she continues to spend her time bombarding her mailing lists to pay her more money for broken products she knows she needs to fix and secure. As of now, she has given no word that they are fixed, and they are not secured after multiple times of telling her to secure them. There is zero tolerance for her continued deceit and bad business practice.

How to Easily File Complaints with the Local Government Her Business is Located

File complaints with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (WDATCP) against Lina Trivedi and her Wisconsin-based company (Blue Lotus Productions, Inc. at 407 S Spring St. in Beaver Dam, WI 53916) for her willingly engaging in fraudulent representation of her products, for knowingly deceiving you into buying products you thought were 100% functional when she knew they were broken and unsecured, but did not tell you. You can express your issues with getting a refund as well (for those of you who have been waiting several months and years; if it’s fresh, contact PayPal at the number above) in your complaint using the official WDATCP’s secured online complaint form: https://mydatcp.wi.gov/Complaints/complaint/create/da42c589-da19-e511-af89-0050568c06ae or call WDATCP at 1-800-422-7128 or email them at DATCPHotline@wisconsin.gov for help.