Amazon Pay

WordBotic and Beyond - Pay with Amazon Partnership

Accepted Payments

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and more through our partnership. Amazon is our payment processing company for handling payments using their Amazon Pay service.


What is Amazon Pay?

Recently, the company of Amazon (, gave their ‘Pay with Amazon’ service a name makeover that sound more exciting. It is now called Amazon Pay! Through their service, Amazon allows you to shop on other websites, like WB&B, with the Amazon Pay option by using any card you already have in your Amazon account. This provides a more secure and convenient way for you to make purchases without needing to give yet another website your financial details.

We value security, simplicity and a smooth shopping experience. And Amazon’s payment processing makes that completely real in a way that satisfies WB&B shoppers and everyone included as a whole.


How Does it Work?

When you are ready to checkout after adding products to your shopping cart, click the Amazon Pay button (designed and connected directly to on the cart or checkout page. Amazon will ask you to login and select the payment you have on file with Amazon to use for your transaction on WordBotic and Beyond (WB&B). When you’re done making a payment, we’ll take care of the rest in delivering to you what you paid for. It’s truly that simple.


New & Quick Amazon Pay Demo

Click here for a quick video demonstration
of this secure feature provided by, a company you know and trusted by millions.

This video was created by to show shoppers how secure, simple, and smooth using Amazon Pay is when shopping with stores partnered with them. WordBotic and Beyond (WB&B) is one of those stores.

If you’ve ever shopped with Amazon, then you know just how smooth, easy and secure they are. It is the main reason we chose them. If you’re new to using Amazon’s Amazon Pay service, you will soon discover this to be true when shopping at WB&B.

November 2017
Lina Trivedi has still not given a public apology for her willful deception and no proof that her products are error-free and secured.
Please click here to read the full Consumer Protection Notice against Lina Trivedi >>