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3 Daily Tasks to Get to $5K

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Want to achieve something big or just simply hitting your goal? In 3 Daily Tasks to Get to $5K, Sean Mize talks about his methods to get $5,000 by doing three daily tasks. You can accomplish this, too, without need of engaging in FB re-targeting, linking, SEO or any of the things the “gurus” want you to do. You can keep it simple with these three daily tasks to materialize that which you desire.

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In this audio recording, Sean Mize gives you his personal 3-step formula that he uses week in and week out to run a full time online business in less than about 15 hours a week. This is something that you, too, can accomplish. He provides real life examples of how he does it and the very first step you must take to get your business up and running as fast as possible.


We’ll talk about the things you do not need to do in your business until you are at $5,000 per month or more, like FB re-targeting, linking, SEO, and a whole bunch of other things the “gurus” want you to do that are simply not necessary.

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