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Episode 1:

Introduction – Get in the right mindset so that the rest of the system will be easy to implement. You’ll learn how the system works so that you can speed things up faster. [Runtime: 7:28]

Episode 2:

Finding Out Your Personality/Who You Are – Learn more about who you are and how you tick so that you can begin tackle and improve yourself. [Runtime: 11:06]

Episode 3:

Understanding the Way You Process Data – We all think differently in different situations. In this episode you will learn how you process data: how you take in the information and how you come to and implement decisions in your life. [Runtime: 10:25]

Episode 4:

Understanding Your Habits – Discover your weaknesses that tend to lead to bad habits, which can only be broken when you know more about your weaknesses. This will help you regain your laser sharp focus, and help you complete things which often lead to success. [Runtime: 9:06]

Episode 5:

Analyzing What You Spend Your Time On – We often spend time getting distracted especially while on our devices. You can agree that once time is gone, it is gone forever. However, in this episode, you will be given a way to analyze how you spend your time so that you can begin to figure out where to spend it correctly. [Runtime: 7:28]

Episode 6:

Ways to Break Free From Your Bad Habits – Discover the key ways to breaking free from habits that are not helping you reach your desired goals in life. [Runtime: 7:38]

Episode 7:

How to Remind Yourself About Your Main Focus – Learn how to prevent going back into a state of distraction by reminding yourself about your main focus so that you can get it done. [Runtime: 8:22]

Episode 8:

How to Set Realistic Goals – What is realistic to one person may not be realist for you. Setting realistic goals in such a way that you are able to see them through without distraction is what will be covered in this episode. [Runtime: 7:59]

Episode 9:

How to be Accountable to Yourself – Discover how to set up a simple accountability sheet to help you get back on track and accomplish your goals, without having to rely on someone else to keep you on your toes. Being self-reliant is important. [Runtime: 10:08]


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Distraction Diffuser


How to create a laser sharp focus to getting things done. Customized to you by breaking your own habits, pin-pointing where it happens beforehand so that you can complete projects that have been causing you regrets. It's time to finally get the success you've wanted to achieve and experience.

Imagine this, you're excited and pumped up. You've just had an exciting new idea or came back from somewhere and are ready to get started. You're thinking, 'This is it! This is finally it! This is going to be a game changer! A life changer! I'm finally ready to take this on!' Now think of how many times you have thought this, whether it be a business idea, career idea, or personal life idea. But then it's finally quiet and you are focused. You're sitting at a desk, and then it hits! Thoughts from all over the place invade your brain and you get distracted. Guess what? Watch Distraction Diffuser to see how you can fight through the distractions by learning how to develop a laser sharp focus that will help you get more done and achieve success.

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November 2017
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