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    Powerful Book Cover Tools
    Developed By: Lina T.

    eCover Toolbox is web-based software that will allow you to instantly create an awesome e-cover for your e-book or e-report by the push of three buttons. No complicated and expensive graphics program to buy and learn. No expensive designers to hire or wait on. eCover Toolbox puts control right back into your hands.

    It is proven that good packaging sells and good packaging does not have to cost you an arm and a leg with no guarantees. Stop losing time and money. Create your next cover with this tool today!

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    Product Description

    eCover Toolbox is a web-based tool that will allow you to instantly create a sexy selling e-cover for your e-book or e-report by the push of three buttons. It’s proven that good packaging sells; whether you need it sexy, professional, or casual, eCover Toolbox can help you produce an awesome-looking cover with ease.


    All it takes is for you to pick from any of the hundreds of images included or upload your own, type in the book name, author name, taglines, then select a fond ant background. And that’s all there is to it and you’ve got a nice cover for your writing material.


    Inside of eCover Toolbox


      Unlimited lifetime use.
      Instantly create e-covers.
      Simple web-based tool.
      8 different templates.
      Over 200 royalty-free stock images.
      Readily formatted for Kindle.


    With this eCover Toolbox, you will have the flexibility of using any of the included images or to upload your very own. The choice is completely yours. In just 3 minutes from now, you can be creating awesome e-covers for your books and reports, and they are perfectly formatted for Kindle right out of the box!


    Tons of Stock Images Included

    Remember, you will have access to well over 200 royalty-free and public domain photographs that you can use directly in your cover without any extra cost.


    You can create covers for books, info-products, free reports, Kindle, and more for any genre. There are tons of photos that could fit any type of project. Have a look at the video for a demonstration of the image library included.


    Your Benefits Using eCover Toolbox

    • Never Struggle Again – There are no complicated programs. Literally, click a few buttons and create that perfect cover.

    • Forget Expensive Designers – Make endless covers to fulfill endless needs. Never get stuck because you need a cover to finish your project.

    • Never Pay for a Cover Again – This valuable software will allow you to make covers for all your projects forever.


    eCover Toolbox is a web-based product accessible by web browser only. This gives you the flexibility to use it anywhere with Internet access.

    • Mac-friendly
    • PC-friendly


    Additional Information

    FAQs #1

    Q: Do I get updates on the software for free?
    A: Yes! And frequent updates are made – just in the first week of the software’s release, there were two updates made with features requested by people like you.

    FAQs #2

    Q: Will this work for fiction?
    A: Not yet, however some solutions for fiction are being worked on!

    FAQs #3

    Q: Can this be used for Kindle?
    A: Yes, just choose the length of your choice and edit it to your liking and add whatever details you want to add to incorporate any other personal knowledge you may have on your topic.


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