WordBotic Webinar Petition

WordBotic and Beyond - WordBotic v0.75 Webinar December 2016

December 2016 – March 2017:
WordBotic Beta v0.75 Webinar

Lina Trivedi is the developer of WordBotic and currently of all other products being sold through this online store. She is also a small business owner and a mother.

A WordBotic Webinar Petition has been created for all those interested in participating in a live webinar done specifically by Lina Trivedi herself. If enough people are interested, she will make the time to schedule a webinar just for you.


Don’t have WordBotic Beta v0.75, yet?

WordBotic and Beyond - WordBotic Beta v0.75


If you answered no and would like to attend a live webinar over the internet to see how WordBotic can benefit your writing projects, then please sign the petition by entering your first name and email below. This form puts you on a mailing list to keep you updated of the WordBotic Webinar petition and when Lina Trivedi has set a date for it. Fill out the form below.